Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet Frith VonGrimKiss

Meet Frith VonGrimKiss, the semi-departed spouse of Hagatha. Frith is somewhat of a beatnik – refusing to give up his all-too groovy pants in lieu of the royal duds Hagatha would prefer him wear.

He is crafted out of celluclay, and painted with layers and layers of paint and washes, then shaded for just the right effect. His hair is a pulled wool blend to give the lovely scraggles. His shoes are just like a pair of patent leather lace up goth flats I had in the 80’s, then finished with a sterling silver bead at the toe. He’s not quite done – I’ll be putting the finishing touches on this week. This piece will be posted on our website very soon.

Frith was so fun to create. He reminds me a bit of Marty Feldman, don’t you think?


The Quirk Shop said...

Oh I absolutely love Frith! He reminds me of an old boyfriend from the 1980's, hee hee!

Chicken Lips said...

Can't wait to see the rest of him!

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

Too cute and the name....well, the name just takes the cake:)

By Way of Salem said...

LOL! Thanks Jenn! Yes - he's an odd duck isn't he?! I should make him a mate. Mordred's a bit old I think. Thanks for looking!