Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beware, the Tattie Bogle!

"Alane upon the field she stood,
The Tattie-Bogle, tall an' prood.
But certie, she wis smairt an' braw,
A bonnie lass, tho' made o' straw...."

And so begins the old Scottish poem about the singing Tattie Bogle (Scarecrow), who was at first nice to the birds but soon learned to screech them away from the farmer's fields.

I had a lot of fun creating this Autumn-inspired Tattie Scarecrow. He's made of overlapping pieces of cut wood, and handpainted with many layers of acrylics. It was befitting that a proper tartan bowtie adorn his collar, with a small patch of it on his hat, whereupon two sassy crows perch. Genuine straw makes Tattie's hair and eyebrows.

My own straw hat off to Sister Bag, Jeannine, for helping me with the finer details of tole painting! She's the expert in this field. Tattie was my first venture in this style, and I look forward to creating many more folk-art pieces in the days and years to come.

Interested in adding Tattie Bogle to your collection? Please visit By Way of Salem for information!


Baggaraggs: said...

Holy Bovines, love your blog and your fabo shop. Its GREAT! I love your work. Too MUCh. Are you on Etsy? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Am following U. Thanks Robin of the Bag

The Bag Sisters - Jeannine & Ellen said...

Hey! Thanks so much! We like you, too!

We're always glad to know that our offbeat artistic sensibilities and wacky humor are making others laugh (or at least crackin' a grin!). Really, ain't that what life's all about, kiddies?