Monday, September 28, 2009

An Award for Us!!!

Vikki, from The Enchanted Cauldron sent us a Kreative Blogger award! Yay!!! We're excited! Thank you Vikki!

In turn, I'd like to nominate some special bloggers as well:

All of you, our followers, and who are fellow bloggers are SO special to us - we'd never forget you. So if I didn't get to you this time, I will next round!

Now: 7 things that you might not know about me:
1. My brother directed and produced Elvis' last movie: Elvis On Tour. I LOVE ELVIS!
2. I love Felix the Cat
3. I do the Snoopy Happy Dance every so often!
4. I read every night before going to sleep
5. Detest mornings and especially Monday mornings!
6. Sleep with the same stuffed animal since I was a baby - Zippy the Monkey
7. Eat a baguette with coffee every morning since I was a kid


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Thank you so much for the blog award:) That's funny that you sleep with your old stuffed animal. Wish I still had one of my old ones. My MIL is a huge Elvis fan, goes to Graceland every August! Take care, Jen

Chicken Lips said...

Thanks for the award! Love the tidbits of info. I have a stuffed animal that I've had since Jr. High that I pull out when I need a little extra comfort - it's Zippy the Bear! Isn't that a strange coincidence!

The Vintage Polka Dot said...

awww! Thank you for the award! How cool is it that your brother directed and produced one of Elvis' movies!

Shirley said...

Hi Ladies, Thank you sooo much for the blog award! Loved learning a little bit more about you. Thanks for sharing!

By Way of Salem said...

You Elvis lovers crack me up! I knew that would get a response if I put that! But it is true, and it was a VERY cool time, having E call our house, or send things. A really nice, genuine person. Ok, back to crafts - Yay! to us all!!!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Wow, an Elvis movie! I love Elvis too. I remember me and my sister wore out the first Elvis greatest hits album (wore right through the vinyl). I remember dancing till we would almost pass out! Congrats on the award and I enjoyed learning the little tidbits about you. Thanks for sharing. Big hug,