Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Something new is a-brew! 2 New WIPS!

October just goes so quick doesn't it? With Halloween, and being laid up from surgery, it's just flown by! Anyway, here are 2 new WIP's for your perusal. Keep in mind they still need paint and finishing, and their names too of course.

The first is a sweet pumpkin forest character getting set for Winter. She's wearing her witch hat (of course silly!), a Winter scarf with etched snowflakes, and holding a little snowman bucket that will be filled with little pinecones. Around her feet is a curled up earthworm ready for a long Winter nap, and an adorable snail with brass wire antennae, along with leaves, tendrils, baby pumpkins, and tiny flowers. I truly enjoyed making this sculpture and it will be fun to paint and bring it to life!

Now for the darker side; this next piece is rather melancholy I'm afraid. A very sad, lonely waif sits holding her stuffed horsie. She's very blue because she lost her real one. She's even bandaged the leg that hurt her real horse and took her away. For anyone whose lost an animal, I know you can relate to the sadness.

As the piece started to take shape, it was as if it was taking on a life of its own. I know that sometimes I start out sculpting something and it morphs into something entirely different, but this wasn't that. This was coming from another place. I think it's because of all the sadness I've had over losing my horse this past year, and all the trauma afterwards, that this piece came to be. Maybe it's me sitting there, crying, holding my horse. I can't say. I think this piece will be very special once it's completed and painted. A very different piece for me.

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Once Upon an Equine said...

Awww, I can see the cuteness in the first one already; and the sadness in the second. I'm sorry you lost your horse and hope the sculpture helps with the grief.