Monday, November 30, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Good evening all - Well it's the start to another busy week. So much to get done; errands to run, packages to ship, paintings to finish, photos to take, holiday decor to put up. Oh the list goes on and on!

But first, I'm very glad to be home. As much as I enjoy traveling, visiting long lost friends, and seeing other places, it's still so comforting to curl up in your own bed, eat your own food, see your beloved pets and friends, and just have the familiar all around you. A blessing! And I so love Tennessee! Thank goodness there's no southern food here that I know of!

Creative stuff now: Tomorrow I will finally be bringing out the first of my ScaryCats. I'm so very pleased with how he turned out. I think it's a hoot! I will be making more of those for sure. Then while browsing the charming shops in Franklin, I came upon an idea that I really liked, and so put my own spin on it. Simpler than I'm used to doing but yet still creative, and good for someone who wants something cute and decorative, but is on a budget. And they were fun to make! These will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here's a few pics of my trip.
Downtown Franklin, TN and an adorable house in the Historical district of Franklin. Franklin is home to many country music stars. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been spotted at the corner Starbuck's. Ooh la la!

My next house (keep dreaming sister!) Also in Franklin.

Me standing in the Hall of Fame at the Tennessee Walker Headquarters down yonder in Lewisburg, TN (for me to pose for this picture, a very nice gentlemen had to dispose of a scary red wasp that was buzzing around the Christmas tree! Eeeeek!!!)


Dede said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love your next house! Just WOW! Looking forward to seeing your new items. Agree there is no place like home.


By Way of Salem said...

Oh Dede! LOL! I WISH that was my next house! I'm dreaming dear!!! However, if I do win the lottery, I'll invite you over.