Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Sad Waif

I've finished my little lost waif girl whose horsie passed on. Here she sits, as sad as can be, holding a little horse. She's bandaged it's left leg too, just like her real one. Her eyes are sad and red from crying. She's not slept in so very long. Maybe one day she'll find peace with her loss.

Normally I would've painted more contrast between her dress and the horse she holds, but I wanted to paint it dark. Her hat is sewn from dark brown velvet, and has a silver heart over the brim. I cried when I put the cheesecloth bandage on the leg. Truly heartbreaking.


Suzie said...

Wow! You poured your emotion into this little doll, and it is jumping through the screen! All of the bottomless pit of radiating pain and sadness comes rushing out at me, and tears are running down my cheeks.

As an artist, it is a very successful creation. Not everyone who can create art, can emulate their emotions. You have that extra gift.

As a loving hearted person, hopefully giving your little waif a portion of your pain will help you to make it more manageable.

She is not just a doll, but has depth and meaning. VERY well done!


sUz said...

wOw, you really captured her pain. It hurts my heart too. Really great work.

sUz :)

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Lori, the doll is so sweet, I hope it helps in healing your heart from the painful loss of your beloved horse....

By Way of Salem said...

Hi Flora, it's Jeannine - not Lori - LOL! But I know you knew that. Just too many of us around! The thoughts the same - so thank you. I hope it serves some purpose to me, or to someone else. Take care, J