Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Break - Soon

Is it too early to want a vacation from this yucky, damp, cold, miserable, bone chilling weather? I think not. I've decided that I need one desperately! So not sure when, but I think come Spring time, once the sun comes out, I'm going to take a month break from everything and just spend it riding my horses. Going on all the trails that I've wanted to go on, trailering out here and there. Meeting up with some friends, maybe joining a horse riding/trail maintenance group. That kind of thing. Just immerse myself in my horses.

Me and Simba, with Max behind, at Bridle Trails State Park, Bellevue, WA.

I rode my Arabian, Simba this past weekend. He's such a joy! I also need to work with my older horse Max. He's a white and black Paint horse who has the most amazing trot ever! And he's a ton of fun to ride too. That's him behind me with the silver mane being ridden by a friend. I just need more fun in my life right now, so that's why I've decided on a break.

I'll let you all know before I go - it won't be a month or so yet - I think. But in case you didn't see any posts for awhile, that would be the reason.

Take care! Jeannine


Dede said...

Jeannine I will miss you. Everyone needs a break and some "me" time. It's not like you don't deserve it! You so do! This winter has been brutal, so cold for weeks on end. I think lots of people are feeling the cabin fever, just to cold to get outside. Enjoy your time and take lots of pictures to share..


By Way of Salem said...

Thanks Dede! I'm not going anywhere soon..and of course I'll be checking in. Just need a bit of time. Thanks for your kind thoughts! J

Brenda LaBell said...

Jeanne your horses are beautiful!! Good for you to plan some fun time just for yourself well and your horseys!! Enjoy your break when your ready, I'll miss you but totally understand.

Have a wonderful weekend Jeanne and thank you for joining me!!!


Lance said...

That sounds like a great time Jeannine. Everyone needs to clear their head once and a while. I think my wife and I will go on an anniversery trip around that time. Have fun!

By Way of Salem said...

Thanks everyone! Yep - need some R&R I think. But knowing me, I will continue crafting and staying busy anyway! LOL!