Sunday, March 7, 2010

Halloween Comes this Night! Papier Mache Box

One of the new finished pieces I've been working on; a cylinder shaped papier mache box. Sort of looks like a pint size ice cream container doesn't it? I wonder what delectable flavor would be inside? How about Black Widow Berry? LOL!

This treasure box measures about 7" tall x about 5" wide. It's adorned with wooden polka dot ball feet, and crowned with a paper clay pumpkin and black widow. Wrapped around it's girth are painted pumpkins, stars, and moons topped with a pen and ink saying, "Moonlight Starbright Halloween Comes this Night!" There's lots of antique washes on this piece, and then it's sealed with a satin varnish.

Signed by me along with the "By Way of Salem" seal of approval! Now for sale on Etsy.


Brenda LaBell said...

Very nice Jeannie, I love it as always!! Happy Sunday


Saschi and Squee said...

Really nice Salem babe! Really nice! I love your work! And I'm glad you're blogging! Hope you had a good weekend.

Jonty said...

Not normally a box or container fan myself, but this is so cool 'spooky-licious' (i don't care if thats not a word lol). I love it. It not only looks cool but is functional too. This would look great on display be it halloween or not. Awesome.

Dede said...

Jeannie this is so cool! It would look so very nice on a desk or anywhere for that matter. Awesome job!


Suzie said...

I LOVE it! And I'm sorry that I missed it on Etsy. .you must have sold it right away! Congratulations!

By Way of Salem said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all your kindness! No - I didn't get it on Etsy yet. Ooops, sorry. Got sidetracked. But I will post it either tonite or tomorrow. Take care!!!