Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh My Stars!

Libra: You have experienced some losses and endings recently. Although these changes may have seemed upsetting and frightening at the time, they were truly for your own good and the only way for the path to be cleared for better things to come. Opportunities and a new cycle await. You may have been struggling with a heavy burden but the victory is now in sight. The sun is about to return to your life and great things are indicated in terms of health, relationships, and career.

Wowza!!! I had to share my horoscope. It's as if someone wrote this just for me! Well, they sort of did, I am a Libra afterall, but I mean this is just so right on it's almost scary!!! Allow me to explain.

First, the count: 1 best friend/biz partner, 1 fiance-turned-just-friend turned-best-not-speak, 2 GF's thought-they-were-friends-but-it-was-all-about-horse-business, 2 old-past-boyfriends-could-possibly-be-again-but-better-off-not. Summary: Not healthy or good-for-the-soul. Result: Exit-stage left!

Losses/endings: Oh my. A lot in that department these past 6 months (see count above). So much so that I questioned me as a person and what I'm made of. Am I nice, am I a good person, am I offending people and making them not like me, etc? I've done a lot of reflection on that and more about myself lately. I would never knowingly or wantonly hurt anyone; either verbally or physically. I don't manipulate; what I say is what I mean, and I don't have ulterior motives in what I do. When I make mistakes or do hurt someone, I feel so bad and would do anything to make it go away and fix things. I'm certainly not perfect, but I try hard. You can't always see yourself as others do, so at times I'm sure I haven't been aware of my actions, and I'm sorry for that. But I do try to be a good person.

An ending/victory/burden: The 2 year lawsuit I had against my ex-horse trainer whose actions resulted in the death of my beloved Tennessee Walker, Annie. It's now over and the court found her grossly negligent. And it was never about gaining any money because money wouldn't have brought back my precious girl. It was solely about vindication for my horse. It was all I could give her; justice. So it was done. And that was the heavy burden that's been lifted. And as icing on the cake of victory: If and when I do receive any monies resulting from this lawsuit, I will be donating them to an animal/horse charity of my choice in the name of my horse. She would've liked that.

My health had not been good either from my horrid head injury, then losing my horse, onto post traumatic stress disorder, finally my major colon surgery. What a year!

New opportunities? Victory? Sun? Well heck yeah!! My health has turned a positive corner, my career will change to something creative and what I always wanted to do, and as for relationships? Well, I'm open of course, but I think I'll stick around home and just have a better one with myself for awhile and nurture the ones I currently have. Cheers!
P.S. I believe in horoscopes (only when they're good)


Saschi said...

Jeez Louise......... what a "f"ed up year! and you're a libra..........hummmm.... you know i'm an aries....that makes us opposites! omg! but i do love you and i think you're great! i'll get my daughter to do your numbers.

Carol said...

Consider yourself hugged! I am so sorry for what you have been through.

By Way of Salem said...

LOL Connie! Not to worry darlin', my brother was an Aries too, and we did just fine :) You know, if we were all the same, it'd just be boring!
Thanks for the love and the good thoughts, girls! Hugs and love are always welcome! And I know better things are ahead and part of that is the good vibes from friends such as you! J