Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Dreams....

(Connie - this one's for you. Say the word and we're gone!)

If any of you have been following me for awhile, you know I wish I was somewhere sometimes other than where I'm at. Did that come out right? LOL! Oh well, you know what I mean.

So that brings me to June. That means it's almost Summer. Some other places in the country, it IS Summer. But not here in Drearysville, WA. Still rainy, drizzly, damp and moldy. Blah. Just blah blah blah! I think the temp here is in the high 50's today. Whoopee! Let's whip out the Slip n' Slide, have fun and get a tan! Not.

I'm a water person. I know there are others out there like me who are also water people. My dad used to tell me I should've been born a fish. I think that's a true statement as I'm happiest in the water, especially when the sun is out and the water is all sparkly. Following me here? I know in my soul that one day, I will be living again in a place that actually has water - swimmable water. Yes, Seattle area has water - lots of it, but not really swimmable. I mean there are signs on our beaches that have warnings about getting hit by logs! Crazy! Yes, we can ride our horses out on the beach which is everyone's idea of the ultimate in cool and romance. Riding into the sunset and all that. It is cool, but only for like a time or two. People also drive on the beach here. So why do they drive, ride and do all sorts of other non-beach things? Cuz you don't go in the water here! You don't lay out on the beach and tan here.

When I think of beaches, I think of Laguna, La Jolla, San Diego, Ventura County beaches. Yes, I grew up going to Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Will Rogers State Park, etc., but that water can be a bit dirty at times so I just don't go there, plus it's VERY crowded. Laguna and down south beaches are just always beautiful.

Another secret desire of mine has been to surf.
I've always wanted to learn how and really, I don't know why I never learned while I was growing up in Cali. Too busy working on my tan then I guess, and really back then it was mostly guys that surfed. My friends now scoff at me - guess they think we're "too old". You're NEVER too old for anything I think! Life's meant to be lived, not just watched from the sidelines! Come on girls!!!! And now, no excuses - there's a surf school in La Jolla, CA called "Surf Divas" which I just think is so cool! It's run by 2 gals and they have classes for all ages, even us older divas. It started out solely as a surf school for women, but now they have separate classes for guys too. There are surf camps, sleep-overs, 2-day clinics, all for us chics! Gotta love that! I've been saying for a couple years that I'm going to do it, and by gosh I am! Any of my other friends want to join me?!

Too cool huh?

Since I don't get any time off from school right now - remember my cosmetology school? I've got to wait till next Summer. But it'll be the perfect time for a celebration cause I'll have graduated and gotten my license by then, so that'll be my gift to me. Maybe I'll even look for a job down there. I can picture myself living in a little cottage, semi-seaside, cutting hair in a swanky little surf-side salon.

I go through this "craving" every single year before Summer officially hits. Wishing I was somewhere with a sparkling blue pool, beach, sun, endless water, ah yes....and the scent of Hawaiian Tropic oil #2 wafting through the ocean breezes.....


Saschi said...

oh yeah jeannine! you know my daughter and i have been getting this weird urge to move out west to the coast. we're doing it in sync. and as of lately i've been "tiki" crazy! i'd give my right nut to be in that corona (beer) commercial enviroment, you know which one(s) i'm talking about dont you? you know, what a cool idea jeannine. and hopefully the beautiful oceans wont be destroyed by that time from oil.

Once Upon an Equine said...

What an inviting picture. I'm not a beach person, but lately I've been wishing I could sit on a beach just like that. It takes too long for summer to arrive where I am, and I'm growing impatient.