Friday, July 23, 2010

Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop

One of my mom's favorite expression when I was a kid. Guess I was always into something. LOL!
These hands have not been idle lately. I've been enduring a grueling schedule in my "technical" class at cosmetology school and I'm plum worn out! Last week was days of "foiling", this week it's been nothing but perms, perms, perms. This Saturday is another test, then I've got finals in another week. Non-stop I tell ya!

Good news on the craft-front: I do have some Halloween items in the works, a swap in September with Rabbit Hallow Prims, and I'm planning on doing a local holiday craft bazaar in November as well, so I will be creating shortly. And once finals are over, I'm going to start busying my hands in clay and paint, instead of perm rods! LOL!

Mostly, I just wanted to touch base with my loyal following who have been so patient with my non-creating lately. Thanks for staying with me and checking in. I'm lonely not creating and hearing from you, so please drop by anytime to just say "Hi!" Take care, Jeannine


Saschi said...

Hello my love!
Good to hear from you! Your art is great! i keep meaning to find the angry princess and send you a box! as soon as i can find her i will! but in the meantime perm girl perm! i myself can roll a wickedly good perm! but i never got to color. i was a beauty school drop out.
anyway just keep letting us know that you're alive and well.
you sure are cool!

Finegan Antiques said...

Sounds like you have been super busy. Makes the time fly by. I would always prefer to be busy instead of having nothing to do. It would drive me loony.


HUNBUN 22 said...

I love your sweet lil' pumpkin..absolutely adorable
My x-step-daughter a hair dresser in Conn. excellent money..she is close to NY.
Your blog is adorable
Check out mine sometime when your not busy!!!