Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Pretties!

Hi everyone and Happy Friday! If you've been following me on Facebook, or if not, (and that's totally ok!), I mentioned that I was taking a beading class last week to learn to make jewelry and little pretties to make and sell in my shop. Well heavens to Betsy (Johnson that is), and oh my gosh - I am totally addicted now!

(the beginning of my "Blue Crush" bracelet)
I took a private class with a super nice gal who teaches at our local craft shop. With my school schedule, it was impossible to make her beginning classes, so she graciously invited me to her gorgeous house and taught me anything I was interested in learning. Being the over-eager Bag that I am, we went right from A to D - moving past all steps in between. LOL! Rest assured, I learned all the basics and a lot more. I brought pics of jewelry I specifically want to make for my store, and we got right to it.

Since then, I think I've boosted the local economy - LOL! buying all sorts of beads and findings, storage containers, etc., and the collection has just begun!

I know that lots of people are making beautiful jewelry and selling it everywhere, so the market is probably considered flooded with the stuff. But that's ok and I'm not a bit discouraged! The more the merrier I say! There's always room for more creations as everyone's taste is different. No artist should ever be discouraged cause of that.

My goal? I am going to make my Halloween jewelry of course, but then I will also add for other seasons as well, hopefully putting out a good variety for everyone to enjoy any time of year. My focus will be great quality, reasonable prices, with a dab of quirk on the side! What'd ya expect??


Pat said...

Looks like a wonderful addition to your creative talents. Wishing you lots of fun with your new endeavor.
Have a great weekend,

~Tonya said...

Hi Jeannine,

Love your bead work!! Isn't it so much fun! Not too mention...ummmm, ADDICTING!!

I went to look on your etsy, no necklaces or bead work. Will you be selling these online at all?

I dabble in beading, but just basically teaching myself along the way. I would love to take a class in it, someday.

BTW, I love your studio! Looks awesome and you work, while looking out the window and getting all that natural light.

Have a Fabulous weekend.

By Way of Salem said...

Hi Tonya - thanks for visiting me again! So happy you dropped back in. And thanks for the compliments. Yes - for sure I will selling my jewels on Etsy! Just haven't gotten far yet. LOL! But I'm working on it so check back again soon. With school and everything it's hard to get it all done but I'm trying! Have a great weekend too! Jeannine