Friday, January 14, 2011

January Snow and Snowmen!

My backyard

It's officially Winter here in Washington. Right now the weather is pretty good; about 40's, even at night. The last few weeks though had been in the 20's and lower at night. Way too cold for these old bones! We had quite a bit of snow also which was really beautiful, but living up on a hill, it causes problems trying to go down! LOL!

To go along with the winter weather, I'm painting snowmen. Lots of them! Currently I'm just finishing up an order I received on Etsy for a pair of my Snowman Mittens. So adorable. They're from a pattern by Renee Mullins (just LOVE her snowmen!).

One of the many paperweights I've painted

I keep a sketch book by my bed and I'll be laying there sleepless, like oh-so-many nights, and then suddenly BING! an idea! I'll quickly turn on the light and either write it down, or sketch it really quick, cause if I don't, by morning it's evaporated into the nocturnal nevermore...

And what do you think of this wooden stocking? Each part is cut out separately and painted, then wired together. It's about 18" long, so a nice big piece to hang on the fireplace. Do you think I should make some more of these? I'd love to hear your comments!

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