Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer in Salem....By Way of Salem!

Hi y'all! I hope your Summer is going great so far. Up here in Washington, our summer has just begun. The weather has finally gotten warmer and the sun is peeking out now and again. The temps are hanging around the 70's for the most part, but last week we got up to the high 80's which was really nice for a change. We've had a pretty wet and cold winter and spring, so the heat felt great! I've even got a tan!

What have I been up to? Besides NOT making art right now? Well I've been riding my amazing horse Simba. THE most brilliant Arabian ever! And of course finishing school. I've JUST graduated cosmetology school and am set to take my State Boards exam next week and get my license. Yay!!! It's been a tough, and oh-so-very-long year. I thought it'd be a cake-walk. I had no idea "beauty" could be so technical!

After that, well it's onto a job finally. I've already had over 9 months on the "salon floor" at my school, so I feel totally ready to be out on my own and in the real world. Someday I might even have my own salon.....

At school last week, a few of the girls happened to spot my art through a link on my Facebook page and were raving to me about my Halloween creations. I can't tell you after being away from creating for so long, how great that felt! It gave me the boost I needed. I thought - what am I doing? Why aren't I sculpting/painting, etc? I really do miss it so much. Honestly though, school just sucked the artsy life right out of me. But I know that once I'm out, I'll be back at it. I did try to get reinspired throughout this past year and create a few things, but it really wasn't working for me. With all the distractions of school, I just couldn't focus or let my inner Halloween-ness venture out.

This year I'm planning on participating in some craft shows, as well as stocking my Etsy store full of new whimsies. I've got a ton of new ideas for either sculptures or paintings that I've been sketching out and saving and I'm excited to be starting on them soon too. It's kind of going to be a new re-launching of By Way of Salem!

Thank you all for staying loyal fans on my blog as well as Facebook and Etsy. Your support really makes a world of difference to me and gives me the encouragement and reason to keep on creating.

Love, Jeannine

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