Thursday, December 8, 2011

Painting a little bit of Winter

These are my latest little creations. I say little because these are petite canvases of 4 x 5. They are done in acrylics, then embellished with decorative papers and distressed letters. I was so charmed by them when they were finished, I didn't want to sell them!

I'm working on a few more right now. I know, it's close to Christmas and I'm a bit behind in my seasonal creations, but I can't create by the season. I have to feel it, or it doesn't happen. I could paint snowmen all year long, even in Summer. Right now, I'm feeling a bit candy cane-ish, so we'll see what I might come up with! Ho Ho Ho!

1 comment:

Dede said...

Oh Jeannine they are both so cute! I am loving the little size. I am tickled to see you creating again, you have so much talent. Are you doing hair still? How have you been? Have missed you! Love your new hair cut, looks great!