Thursday, September 6, 2012

Franken-WIP - Monster in Progress

As I was creating my newest work-in-progress; a yet-to-be-named Frankenstein monster, I got an update on my Facebook page for the new movie, "Hotel Transylvania", which of course I must go see...but it was a funny picture about celebrating Frankenstein Day!  Perfect timing to give you just a sneak peek at my newest creation.

It will be made completely of paperclay I think. I'm not sure yet how or what he'll look like as I like to see where the piece takes me as I create. It's always a surprise.  I had the head done months ago but wasn't sure which direction to take. Now that I've concocted somewhat of an idea, I'm getting going.  This is just the basic armature you're seeing here. The clay and sculpting will begin shortly...It's Alive!!!!


Saschi said...

Hey!!! How goes it my friend!! I miss you and hope all is well

The Quirk Shop said...

Can't wait to see how ol' Frankie turns out. So far he looks like a real character!


The Quirk Shop said...

Can't wait to see how Frankie turns out. Keep going! Don't stop now!