Sunday, December 30, 2012

13 is my LUCKY Number!

Happy New Year (almost) everyone! I'll be busy getting ready for my Memphis trip on January 5th, so I probably won't be posting this week, but I wanted to make sure and toast y'all before I leave!

And since we didn't all die on 12/21/12, I guess we can go ahead with our plans for the new year right? What's yours?  I'd like to say I was going to make resolutions but I'm not. SO done with that stuff! And we never stick to them anyway right? So why not just make some small, or big, positive changes and affirmations instead? Or maybe jot down a few items on our ever-growing wish list? Or maybe add to the bucket list?  I got a few that I'll share:

1.Time to leave all the past stuff in the past and enjoy every day!
2. Exercise! YES!!!!! I need to use the gym membership I bought 2 years ago for crying out loud!!! And get strong and flexible. Heck with being a size 6.
3. Ride my horse even more this year. Love that boy... He's my man-love. (another story...).
4. Not cut my hair. Why? I don't know. Or maybe I will..hmmm... I'm such a Libra!
5. Buy new ski boots.
6. Ski more.
7. Plan a trip to Colorado or Utah to go ski. Or better yet just move there!
8. Downsize my house. Do I really need 4 bedrooms? NO!
9. Donate to St. Judes and Pasado's Pet Sanctuary more.
10. Treat myself like the Queen that I am! LOL!

Thirteen has always been my lucky number which makes this year, 2013, my lucky year! And what better way to ring in my New Year than going to Elvis' house!! So I'm headed back to Graceland for Elvis Week on Jan 5th!  More about then when I come back.... See you soon and CHEERS!!!

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