Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Elvis and Me - Birthday Celebration 2013 - Part 2

Didn't I say that 2013 would be a great year? Well it's sure starting off great for me! Hope for you too! Ok, now let me get to the good stuff...
Me in the back of the limo - driving up through the gates of Graceland WOW!
As you know, I got invited back to Graceland again this year as the Elvis on Tour exhibit that Elvis' folks put together for my brothers movie closed in January after a 1 year showing. 
The sign outside the exhibit
And what a beautiful exhibit it was! I brought the Golden Globe that the film and my brother won so it was on exhibit there the whole year. Now I've got it back home with me for now.
Thank you EPE for all the hard work that you did to honor the movie. I hope all you Elvis fans out there got to see it. If not, I'm sure you can go on to Elvis.com and check out past photos.
That's me (R) with Kelly, who works at Graceland. She's so fun and a By Way of Salem customer!
This year was Elvis 2013 Birthday Celebration and he would've been 78. Though I didn't get to cut his cake this year, I was still invited onto the lawn of Graceland and it was glorious! A beautiful sunny, but chilly morning, and there were a ton of fans there to mark this always-amazing occasion. Elvis' cake this year looked like the American Eagle jumpsuit he wore on his Aloha Hawaii event that was televised all over the world.

That's me (R) with Isabella Taylor Scott, the youngest fan club president. Isabella got to cut the cake this year. I cut it last year. We laughed that we are now members of the Elvis Cake Cutters Club!
Me (Middle) with Laurie (L) & Caroline (R) - fans of Elvis on Tour!
Aside from the birthday celebration on January 8th, I got to visit with a lot of friends and fans I met last year when the exhibit opened. I had a great time and I love Memphis. It's always hard to leave....
Candy, one of Graceland's horses and my personal favorite. I love this horse!
And for all of you who've never visited Memphis - well don't pay any mind to what negative things you may have heard. Memphis is a beautiful place with lots to do and see, it's home of the blues, the best BBQ, lots of history, beautiful scenery, and was also named one of Forbes best places to vacation! Don't miss it!!!
Beautiful Mississippi River
Beale Street - Home of the Blues
Sun Records - where Elvis made his first records
Leonard's - BEST BBQ & Southern food!
Butter Roll - the best dessert ever!

... land of boiled peanuts LOL 

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The Quirk Shop said...

Oh!!! Loved your writeup and photos of this latest Memphis trip to Graceland, celebrating Elvis's birthday.

YOU MUST MOVE HERE!!!! You *BELONG* here, sister! Your soul will be complete once you get yerself here to start really living!!!!

Where else would you have so much fun among your kind.... with endless heaping helpings of our favorite, BUTTER ROLL!!!!!