Tuesday, April 16, 2013

May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers

Do April showers REALLY bring May flowers, or just lots of weeds? As I look out my kitchen window and see all my garden areas that were covered in landscape fabric and then barked, I have to wonder how those pesky weeds still manage to come through! It seems in my case, the only thing Spring rain does is grow weeds. Sigh….   So between gaps in the weather this weekend, I got going plucking the weanling weeds while the soil was moist and the pulling was easy.
Even if it’s still cold and frosty in your neck of the woods and too early to plant, it’s never too early to plan. I’ve had a great run with the Meadow Sage I planted a couple summers ago. Every year the plants get bigger and never fail to produce lovely purple flowers through September. Between the sage and my lavender plants, I’ve not only got gorgeous color going on, but the smell is heavenly!
I read somewhere that daisy's were weeds!
Or how about working on some yard art while the weather is gloomy outside? Fashion a gate or a privacy screen from an old door. My partner-in-crime of all things creative, just removed a couple of old rustic doors from inside the loft of her barn. Perfect for repurposing. I’m sure she’ll do something totally fantabulous with them! And recently, I got to deconstruct an old house from 1937. I took out all the old panel doors and hardware, odd architectural bits and pieces and even the old sink. I've got plans!  


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