Friday, January 10, 2014

Oh My Gosh it's 2014! Where Does the Time Fly???

How about making a New Year's Dream jar? Cute huh?
I remember when I was a little girl, probably about 10, I'd wonder what year it would be when I turned 44.  I don't know why 44 was the magic number, but for some random reason it was at the time. Oh I know - because I was wondering how old I'd be in the very far away year of 2000. It was 44.  I couldn't imagine being that old! LOL! Now I wish I was that young!

Here we are now in 2014...I really want THIS YEAR to be MY year. I've been saying that for about the past 5, and so far no such luck. Maybe if I don't pronounce it as "my year", then maybe it will be my turn.

I've got lots of things in the works for this year. Some are top secret, so I can't say yet, but they are BIG! HUGE! GREAT! And I can't wait!!! The others are equally great, but not quite to that degree.  You just can't help but plan and hope and dream when a new year rolls around can you?

What are all your dreams and wishes for 2014?

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