Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Moonshine and Mayhem Awaits!

Yes I know. It's been a while since I've blogged. I haven't done any art either in several months since listing my home back in November I think it was? I did a bit for Christmas orders but not much more. Hard to stay motivated and creative while having strangers traipse through deciding if they like it or not and want to buy. The whole process is so nerve wracking and invasive. Ugh never again!

We did finally sell and closed on March 12th and then began our very long journey to Tennessee to live in our forever home. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE it here but I do miss some things about my home. Like the bathroom and the kitchen and the spaciousness. LOL! We downsized from a 2,200 sf house with a 3 car garage to a 1,200 sf house with no garage BUT I do have 5 acres for my horses and a barn, so which is more important the house or the horses? The horses of courses!!

Now that I'm unpacked and mostly have my craft studio set up, I'll start in painting and creating again. I really can't wait. Something happens to a creative person when they stop doing what they love, at least for me. I become more of a miserable creature than I already am. Ha!

My studio is also much smaller but then I look out my window at my horses grazing instead of a cul de sac in a master planned community like where we lived in Washington. Again, take your pick. I'll take this view anyday! I painted all the walls the same color as I had in my last place; a sort of Tuscan yellow which I love and never tire of. I have less bookshelves lining the walls to put all my supplies in but that's ok, it's cozy this way. I've hung up some art and some of my favorite paintings and put all my snowmen up, so I'm feeling at home again. I also laid some flooring. Oh boy my first time doing that! It's sort of a country pine barn look which I love. Rustic and I think welcoming. I can see lots of art being created here and I'm excited to get started!

Then my best friend from the 80's lives here in TN as well. Ellen, from Macabre Webs. She's a kook and I just love her! She's into gardening and creating as well. We love to eat, one of our fave pastimes!, go get yogurts at Sweet CeCe's, or salads at O'Charley's (a great restaurant chain here!), and we shop at art stores and antique places as well as garden centers (Moore and Moore's is my fave so far in Bellevue, TN) and we now enjoy romping through Home Depots and Lowe's in search of doing home projects. Who would've thought heavy metal chicks from the crazy 80's on Sunset Blvd. would do such mundane "boring" stuff. US! We love it! I wish she lived right around the block but she's about 70 miles north of me. Really it's that far? I guess so... Oh well, as she says at least we're in the same state now!

So I'll be doing more blogging and I so look forward to hearing from all of you! Please comment on my posts and let me know we're still pals. I love hearing from "y'all". (I can say that now - I live in the south!).


The Quirk Shop said...

Traipsing through the country is what our lives are now! We may be a wee bit older but still full of fire! Whew, speaking of fire, is it getting hot in here, or is it just me having a hot flash?
Glad you finally dragged your carcass out here. Now let's get busy, we have a lot of crafting to do!

Saschi said...

well well , welcome to the bible belt! how you liking this heat? i'm sure you're happy with the sun! i was just thinking about you this week. wondering how you're doing. i'll have to look up your neck of the woods. i dont think i've been there. i'm in goodlettsville now. far cry from east nashville but i do love it!
i would love to meet up with you! and i hope you keep blogging because i'm curious to see how you meld with the extremism of the south. this will be interesting.