Sunday, November 23, 2014

Only Stars for the Top of your Christmas Tree? NO!

Happy Holiday Season from Tennessee!  I bet all of you are planning your holiday shopping list for "Black Friday" (what a depressing name) for Christmas presents and all the holiday trimmings. Well don't neglect to adorn the top of your Christmas tree with something special this year; a snowman!!!

Two of my favorites are the snowman angel and the traditional top hat snowman, that coincidentally I make and sell in my Etsy store for $18.00 each plus priority shipping. A bargain considering even the cheapos are easily over $35.00 each.  And wouldn't you rather have something that is individually handmade with thought, care and a sprinkle of love? I would! 

Aren't they sweet? I think so!
Let me tell you about them: each one starts from tea-dyed fleece, the heads are sewn separately and hand painted with cheeks and eyes, a tiny wooden dowel is painted and placed for the nose, top hats are rolled of black wool felt, or a copper wire halo bent to shape is added. The snowman angel has wool felt wings that are sprinkled with glitter. The traditional snowman has a blue checkered (or similar) flannel scarf and a snowflake embellishment added. The snow angel has a rusted star attached to tea-dyed cheesecloth. Finally a "vintage" Christmas season tag is added.  Sweetness!
What makes this tree topper different, besides being adorable? You can add a gift card tucked into the hem, or you can use this tree topper as a gift jar topper instead! Make a special holiday dry mix, say cookies for instance, in a mason jar and top the jar with the snowman! The hem is open at the bottom so it'll fit right over. You can also put him on top of a wine bottle for a cheery hostess gift. Perfect to take to holiday parties!  You could even stuff it with tissue and use it for your holiday table centerpiece.

So come on over to my shop and give your tree a warm fuzzy this year. You'll cherish him for years to come!!!

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