Friday, May 8, 2015

Cottage Gardens and Sheds

Hey everyone! I am so excited about Spring and the planting season ahead, aren’t you? I’ve been dreaming of these sunny green-growing days since December, and now they’re finally upon us.  I can't wait to start flower shopping at all the garden centers around Tennessee to see what they have to offer here.

Around the farm, we've just finished having 4-plank wood fencing done around the house, barn and horse paddocks and it looks wonderful! I feel like I'm finally setting roots here at my new little farm. Take a peek from my front porch, this is my front yard area:

Next, I'm going to put some half whisky barrels purchased from Jack Daniels Distillery on either side of the front gate and filling them with flowers. I'm thinking Black Eyed Susans and some Sweet Potato vines. Love the contrast of colors and those flowers are just big and gorgeous!

Currently I'm working on my garden shed. I bought a rather large one and it was just generic plain jane painted a blah tan color. Soooooooo I painted it a bright sunny yellow and trimmed it in white to make the color pop, and it does! I put some gravel areas with pots of flowers and some old rusty garden tools and battered wood signs, along with other odd old items I had laying around, tossed in a chair or two I got at a local flea market, and now I have a charming area to sit and watch the grass grow, and the horses graze.
I'm just crazy about all these cute sheds you see in the gardening magazines these days like Flea Market Gardening mag. Love love love!  Here’s some pics I spotted that I thought were too cute not to share!

Adorable aren't they?! Just so much more than a place to store your garden tools. I'd love to have a huge one for an artist studio, but that'll be in the future.
Back to gardening: I picked up half a dozen terracotta pots of all sizes from the home center a few days ago and planted basil, tomatoes, lavender, firecracker grass which is this gorgeous color red!, and a variety of different flowers. Lovely!

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