Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Ramblings

Hi everyone!
I hope you're having a great fun-filled summer!  The storms are here in TN and have been off and on for about a month now, fluctuating between thunder and lightening or just plain ol' rain. Admittedly, a thunderstorm here makes me more nervous than one from the northwest because it can turn into a tornado, but luckily that hasn't happened. Keeping my fingers crossed it remains that way.

My summer has been very busy. We've been working on painting our house which is a slow process due to the daily uncertainty of what the weather is going to do. I did however pick out a gorgeous color, inspired by the beach and am loving how it looks so far on the porch! I've trimmed it with new white shutters and it just looks like such a happy little beach cottage now. I'm going to paint the new front door a bright coral which I think will look beautiful! Very pleased! Now if I could just finish it.... to be continued.

Crafting and creating has been slow. I've been rearranging my studio, adding more lighting and storage etc., and have a new work table coming soon. The creative wheels have been turning nonetheless and I have some great things planned. You know how last year I ventured into jewelry making and wasn't sure how I felt about it? Well I've decided I like it! So this year I've taken some more classes and decided to do a lot more of it, with a new element. I can't say much more right now, but I'll be starting some projects shortly and of course will post pictures. Excited about it!

Ok, back to the house...let's see. We took down the wire shelving in the laundry room and added fresh white cabinets for better storage. I've also dug up the front small garden area and added flagstone pavers, several lavender plants and a couple small, lacy-type shrubs, a turquoise glowing light and a shabby chic birdbath. Progress..slow and steady...

How's your summer going? 


Miss Wicked said...

Sounds like a nice summer. In AZ we don't get much for storms so I miss them. I am originally from the East Coast (NC) so there were good storms there. I understand what you mean about the tornado's. I was always afraid of those. Looking forward to Fall though :-)!

Miss Wicked

Miss Wicked said...

correction on my blog addy in case you wanna visit. :-)