Friday, August 7, 2015

Salem's Charms on Etsy

It's up, it's open!  My new Etsy store, "Salem's Charms" is now open for business. The past couple of weeks I've been busy trying to coordinate everything; taking photos, thinking of things to write about in my shop announcement and story, etc. I'm still working on my banner and avatar but I've got my design laid out so now all I need is time on Photoshop to put it together. It takes a lot of work to open a store, and time which I don't have a lot of. Whew!

Not that I'm a great photographer anyway, but I discovered after I posted my listings, I really don't like how the pictures turned out so I'm going to redo them. And of course I'm not very stocked up with listings, so be patient while I create and photograph more.

So why did I choose the name "Salem's Charms" you ask? I wanted to tie into By Way of Salem and not  be totally random, sort of an off-shoot of my current store, but without a lot of Halloween jewelry. 

Salem's Charms is about rustic, romantic, gypsy, soulful, happy jewelry. Classic and pretty. Stamped metal, beads, fabric, clay, leather, ribbons and charms. A world of pretties!

Come on over anytime for a visit. I'm excited about this new adventure and hope you will be too!  See you soon ~ Jeannine


Createology said...

Congratulations on opening your etsy shoppe. I hope you will be inundated with lots of sales! Creative Bliss...

Heather Millott said...

I am already following and hearted the new shop. Congratulations!