Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer into Fall, and Where are my Old Friends?

Yesterday when I was out in my paddocks shoveling horse poop, I could feel it; a change in the air. You can't really describe it other than maybe a rustling of the trees, or a breeze, but it's definitely there; Fall. Even though I actually enjoyed most of my summer, my 2nd one here in Tennessee, and that's probably cause I got heat relief by putting up a swimming pool, I'm looking forward to Fall. Enough 90 degree+ days!

While not enjoying being outside swimming and splashing around, I've been busy working on my 2nd store, but there's just not enough hours in the day. This coming weekend I am hoping to get more accomplished; a few more pieces made and posted, and also my Etsy banner and avatar uploaded. I have them done, just no energy when I get home from my spirit-draining job. Sigh...

With these season changes, so come life changes...As I've been looking through my old blog friends, ones I had when I first started my own blog and online business, I see some are no longer active. Many of the postings are from a year or more ago. What's really sad is that some of my dear blog friends have passed. Sad.. My good friend and first fan, Jonty from Darkside Creations over in the U.K., passed suddenly from a massive heart attack and he was so young, with a family. I believe in his mid-30's or so. He was an amazing papier mache artist who found me through the web and we became chatty friends over the next few years until that. Then another gal, cancer. I followed her stage IV postings and I knew the eventuality of it, but hope that won't come to pass, until you no longer see postings. Other friends are no longer creating, or have family issues or health issues of their own. I too have had many events going on in the past few years and neglected my art and blog.

I feel happiest when I'm creating, whether for my stores or just for myself. It feeds the soul as the saying goes. For my granddaughter's birthday this year, I bought her first sewing machine and I'm hoping she will become a lifetime creator/crafter herself and I'll have been a positive influence in that way. Sort of carry on the family tradition. For me anyway, when life gets in the way, art is a comforting refuge. 

Have a happy weekend friends! Jeannine

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