Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall is Magic!

Oh how I love Fall! It's not quite here yet in Tennessee, at least in our region of the state where it's still over the average temperature, but I know it's on it's way cause I can see the color change in the trees and you can feel it in the air. That certain something. The dry wind, the little whirlwinds of leaves that swirl in a circle at your feet. I remember those from when I was a child and still feel the same "magic" I did then.

Decorating for this magical time is something I look forward to and this year is the first I've done that since we moved to our little farm in Tennessee. Last year it was too hectic with the move and getting all settled, so this year it's a treat to get started! TJ Maxx and Marshalls are a couple of my favorite places to pick up Halloween and Fall decor and that was no exception this time either! I got an ADORABLE large decorative bucket, orange with small white polka dots and a blocked out area that's chalkboard painted for writing your own message. Thinking out loud in the aisle, I said, "hmmmm what will I do with this?" and a friendly customer who overheard me said, "put mums in it! It'd be perfect!" and so I did, and it is! I've also put up orange lights on top of my white-washed French armoire that holds our TV, and has a garland of dried berries on the top. Mixed with the orange lights? Magic! 

Next, pumpkins! Lots and lots of pumpkins! Enjoy the season everyone!!


Incipient Wings said...

We also don't feel much of an autumn here in AZ:(
But I do love how the darkness creeps up earlier and earlier every day..
I kept a constant vigil for the first pumpkins of the season and was rewarded a couple weeks ago!!
We may not see Fall too much around us..but we totally feel it in our heart:)
Great post and lovely images.

Spooky Hollow said...

Love the blue chair with the orange pumpkins and the candy corn. I have been inspired. Thanks