Thursday, October 22, 2015

Craft Studio Progress

I can't stand it! I'm running out of space and my so-called organization is looking very unorganized. Being the annoying perfectionist that I am, I can't work in chaos. Soooooo.....I'm in the process of going through ideas and pictures of really cool craft rooms/studios to decide what I want to do with mine. I thought I had it just how I wanted it last year, but then taking on yet another hobby did me in.

One roadblock is that I don't want to put in any permanent type fixtures such as cabinetry - like wall or base cabinets in the room because I know this isn't my "forever" house and I'm sure as heck not dragging cabinets with me back across country, so I may hold off doing something awesome like that till I get where I'm going.

In the meantime, I AM building a center island work area out of 2x4's which I'll be staining a medium pine or a pecan tone, and then I think I'll paint the legs white and maybe add some other decor to them. I've got a "vision" of how I'd like it to turn out. Now whether it will or not remains to be seen. All I know is I need a place to spread out all my jewelry stuff; tools, hammers, beads, bobs, findings, chain, and all the rest of my stash.
Something like this - sort of
My art includes sculpting, jewelry making, painting and sewing, so I really need stations to accommodate all of them. I also have my tech area with computer and printer, which really I don't want to have in my craft area, but I need it for orders and to list on Etsy, etc.

Here's a few pics I found online. I like either the whole room or elements of each.

Stunning aren't they? I'm really drawn to white cabinetry, especially with the cottage panels on the fronts. So fresh and pretty, bright and just inspiring. Let's see what I come up with! Oh if only there was an IKEA close by......

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