Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mr. Peanut

Do you remember the little character whose on all the peanut cans for Planters Peanuts? Mr Peanut?  I named my little Chihuahua after him because Peanut was the same color as Mr. Peanut. Kind of a burnished tan. And he had the funniest eyebrows! Black. They reminded me of Uncle Leo on Seinfeld.
Yesterday, was another sad day for me and my pets. I had to have my Peanut put down. He was no longer able to walk. He tried, but mostly he just scooted himself around using his front legs in a sitting position. He couldn't stand to relieve himself without me holding him up. He no longer could enjoy his walks around the perimeter of our acreage and roaming around. He could not get himself comfortable even when he tried to lay down. He'd pant constantly and the vet said he was in pain. She gave me some meds to try for the pain and inflammation that might have been in his spine, but to no avail. The x-rays revealed bridging and fusing in his back which was pinching nerves and possibly poking into his spinal cord so that his legs were useless, paralyzed I guess. Aside from that issue, he was diabetic and needed 2 shots of insulin a day, and his vision was failing as well. The past few months really aged him, and I'm not even sure how old he really was. I got him when he was supposedly 2-1/2 but he could've been older, and I had him for 11 years. So I did the humane thing, as hard as it was. I like to think I gave him a good life. A happy life. Safe, warm and cared for, and most of all, LOVED.
Peanut (at end) with Lucy & Bug
What I find interesting is that prior to Freckles passing, Peanut was just fine, running all over. This issue with him was sudden. I feel like Freckles is calling for him or something. I can't shake the feeling. What's almost funny about it, is that they were enemies. Just the mention of Freckles' name to Peanut would set off growls and snarling. Freckles felt the same. They'd have fights, with Peanut being the antagonizer, and Freckles would have Peanut by the throat. So many times, Peanut would end up with bite holes on his neck from Freckles. Sam, our sweet "nurse" dog, would lick his wounds. I know now they are playing in Heaven together, happy and healed.
Freckles, Peanut & Sam
It's been a hard couple of years here that's for sure, for so many reasons, and now this. Last month I lost my #1 dog Freckles, which just about killed me. And now Peanut. The November before, my sweet cat Baby. The loss makes my soul just ache. I'm just not good with this death and loss thing....

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Incipient Wings said...

I'm so sorry Jeannine!!
What a difficult time, I'm so very sorry for your loss.
He had a wonderful little smile, your peanut!
I'm sure they are happily romping together across the rainbow bridge.
Blessing and hugs to you!