Monday, April 18, 2016

Distracted by Gardening

Have you seen the new HGTV show "He Shed She Shed" yet? I started watching it the other night but I quickly lost interest after a few minutes in because of the budgets that these homeowners were going to spend in order to fix up their sheds. Really $15,000? $10,000? Too rich for this girl. And I don't think many of us have that much extra cash laying around to put into our sheds.

I'm more of a do-it-yourselfer type. Now, it may not come out as professional as someone who does remodeling for a living, but I do ok. I just jump in and try. If I don't know how, I look it up. Find a book. Google. Ask contractors. I'll figure it out. Note: I don't do electrical so make sure you get yourself a licensed contractor if you plan on adding lights, switches, plugs, etc.

There are so many fix-ups you can do to your shed that will really make it your own, and some involve more time than money.

Flooring: Most come with plywood floors. You can cover the existing flooring with carpet, carpet tiles, laminate, ceramic tile, etc., or for a cute cottage feel, you can paint it with a good quality interior paint, add some stencils or other handpainted design, and then top it off with a couple coats of polyurethane to protect it. In my last house I replaced my formal living room flooring with finished plywood and then painted it. I did a harlequin diamond pattern in yellow and white, then roughed up the paint to give a worn look, added a little stencil here and there of a fleur de lis pattern and finally sealed it with polyurethane. Looked amazing! An example of putting in more time than money for a flooring alternative.

Walls: While it might be ideal to insulate, sheetrock, tape and mud the walls, depending on what you want to do with it and how much time you'll be spending in there, like cold winter evenings when you'll appreciate the warmth from having insulation, you could also do it simpler and less expensive by just putting up ready to go paneling. Nowadays it's not the old style from the 60's that was in your parent's den. There are some really great looking products out there that once again can give you that cottage feel. I love the white washed look paneling. It runs about $20 for a 6x8 sheet at most home centers. You can nail it up or use Liquid Nails to glue it up.
Beadboard, available at most home centers

The other thing you can do is put up plywood sheathing and then cover with tongue and groove which also looks great for that cottage feel.

You can take it as far as you want; add trimwork, put in windows, french doors (love those!), built-in shelving, cabinetry. Really the sky's the limit!

Let's move outside now. Paint. Get a good quality exterior paint. There's a new paint out available at Lowe's that is fantastic! I had my house painted with it. We have vinyl siding and yes, you can paint vinyl siding with the right paint. This paint is made for wood, metal, vinyl, concrete - anything. It's tough! The only con to this paint is after you brush it on and it's still damp, don't go back and touch it as it's sticky and your brush will drag, not flow. If you need to go back, wait till it dries. Anyway, it's called, "Duramax" by Valspar. Seriously, it's amazing!!!!

Ok back to paint. Color. There's a zillion options out there and it's your personal preference depending on your style. For me, my style is whimsy happy! A place that makes me smile when I see it. I love warm yellow, teal, and periwinkle. Not all together, well maybe!

Outside Decor. This is the best part! Scour the flea markets, go to garage sales. Collect! If you have a window on your shed, add shutters, a window box. Hang a sign above. Add birdfeeders. Windchimes. Anything goes. Whatever speaks to your soul.

I like a defined space around my shed. Somewhere you can sit. Maybe add a fence to make a 'patio' area. A brick path. And of course lots of flowers.
Here are some pretty pictures I found scattered around for you to glean inspiration from.

Love all the flower gardens around this

Look at this blank canvas!
So pretty, lots of light

Love the teal paint color and the pink flowers

Rustically charming
Simple and adorable, very cottage
Love the lavender color
Fun to collect all that stuff
Totally charming and LOVE the white pumpkin
Wonderfully organized potting shed

Victorian charmer
And of course you have to have Fall decor

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