Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Painting Whimsy

I love to paint. It's really magic to see a canvas come to life from a visual of your imagination.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an artists work that I really fell in love with. Her paintings remind me a bit of Maurice Sendak's art. Remember "Where the Wild Things Are"? Her characters a bit like that. Her name is Juliette Crane.
I loved the charm of her characters, and I was enthralled by her techniques and use of bright colors where you'd least expect them, like turquoise and fuschia shading on faces. Love that! Her sketches and paintings are just loose and fun, and best of all whimsical. I need to be loose. Actually I need it in all aspects of my life not just in my art, but that's another story.

The classes are taught online and I believe there are 5 classes in this course - it's the Wild and Free Painting series. Juliette uses a variety of mediums within each painting and teaches you to loosen up and have fun with your work. As I said, I need that. When I draw or paint, my goal is to have every piece be a finished piece, suitable for sale or hanging or some other such use, instead of just to have in my collection or sketch book and to just enjoy the process. Everything I do seems to need a purpose or a meet a goal, which I want to stop doing!

I've discovered that I'm a perfectionist in most things, and it just sets you up for dissapointment cause as most of us know, nothing or no one is perfect.  I'm really hoping these courses can open up my techniques (and mind) to free for all fun and whimsy. We all need more whimsy! Who doesn't like a cute monster?!

Love this character!

Isn't that adorable! Notice the shading?


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