Friday, May 20, 2016

Paint Yourself in Stars Hallow

If you're fans of the Gilmore Girls and wish you too lived in Stars Hallow, you could very well be a fan of folk art and not even know it! I've always envisioned myself living in some quaint and charming New England town with salt box houses and gas lamp streetlights, horses trotting up the road, pumpkins on the porch in Autumn, and sailboats lining the bay in Summer. Can't you picture it?
I've always loved the art of Charles Wysocki, as he depicted that type of life in his paintings, and now I've recently discovered several other artists whose work I equally admire; Cheryl Bartley, Johanne Cassia, to just name a few very talented folk artists.
Charles Wysocki
Cheryl Bartley
Folk art is a more simplistic form of painting than fine art. I can't do fine art. As much as I try, it's just not my style I guess. I love bright colors, a more surreal look than classical art. Perspective and proportion are not a big deal in folk art.

Hiro Yamagata is one of my all time favorite artists. Known more as a contemporary artist, to me, his paintings capture a similiar folk art style with bright colors and less use of perspective/proportion as well. I was lucky enough to see some of his original work on display in San Francisco awhile back and I was absolutely wow'd and just fell in love with his style and use of bright colors.

Hiro Yamagata
Folk art style is something that I would really like to explore further in my own work because I think I fall somewhere in the middle; definitely not fine art and not too cartoon-ish, just fun and naive.
Snowmen with his friend Red bird

I love crows and pumpkins, and Fall of course!
Halloween and holiday art has long been a subject of folk art paintings so often depicted on wooden plates, tinder boxes, or other readily available surfaces, as well as canvas.
Maybe I'll paint myself in my own quaint New England village, with crows and pumpkins of course!

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