Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Almost Fall Decor

I love the "Welcome" on the black door. Stunning!
One more day and it'll be officially Fall! I wish someone would tell the weather that. Here in TN it's still in the 90's. Much too hot for this girl to get into the full Fall spirit yet but I'm trying.

This past weekend I bought some mums and planted them in my old rusted out wheelbarrow and added a sign and a pumpkin. It looks very festive despite the fact that it still feels pretty much like summer. 
Loving this!
Here are a few more cute ideas for your porch and yard that I've gathered from around the web and Pinterest (my fave site for awesome ideas!). I hope these inspire some of you as well, no matter what the weather.  Happy Fall!

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Incipient Wings said...

it's infernally hot here in AZ, well not really it's 99, haha.
your pinterest pins are very cute..would definitely like to make some of those:)