Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If a black cat or dog takes up unbidden residence at your door, good fortune will follow!

Here, from an eighteenth century Book of Shadows, are instructions for the training of the cat for magickal purposes:
"To be performed every evening, at the same time, in the same place....Adapt the cat to sit close by you, facing in the same direction you face which shall be the place where the moon will rise. Stroke gently but firmly with love in your hands until its purrs and your breathing are heard as one sound. Now you and the cat possess the same will, your eyes will see as its eyes see, and your thoughts will travel together. The time has come to work spells and cast enchantments for power is doubled through the agency of your familiar."

And so, I present SootFoot; the evil-banishing familiar of Hagatha VonGrimKiss, out for an evening prowl. SootFoot is modeled from paperclay, sealed, then painted with acrylics and detailed with big beautiful orange eyes, and sealed once again. He wears a collar of black organza with little tiny orange pom-poms. He sits mounted on a rustic purple wood base with tiny orange polka dots at the edge. He will be available on our website later this evening.


Chicken Lips said...

Love him! And that collar is great!

Shirley said...

Jeannine, Love this guy! he is just too cute!