Monday, July 6, 2009

Haunted House - Revamped

And top o' the evenin' to you! Wanted to show you all my re-do. I wasn't quite happy with the colors on my haunted house I showed you in a previous post, something just wasn't right but I couldn't quite tell what. It was calling "repaint me, repaint me." So with a few splashes, dots, and dashes of orange and some ink work, I think it's a bit more lively. Now to go to work on the lower half.... P.S. This is a really neat star shaped papier mache box that's about 10" across that will hold all other-worldly treasures.


The Bag Sisters - Jeannine & Ellen said...

Bag! I love the new version of this! Didn't think I could love it more than how it was originally painted, but I do. You're awesome!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

How wonderfully whimsical!!!
And you two ladies must be a real hoot and a handful to boot!!!! What delightful fun your avatar is!!!

Shirley said...

Hi Jeannine & Ellen!
I really love how this turned out! I love the peaks now, they really pop! Way to go girls!!

I love your blog too.
It makes me smile!