Monday, July 27, 2009


As promised, Mordred finally makes her appearance! She likens herself to a Divine Sorceress, but she's really an old country, out-of-practice witch who bumbles spells so often, she had to write one on her heart shaped base to remember it.

Mordred is sculpted from paperclay, painted with acrylics, washes, and antiqued in a fine deep green. Her apparel is by Omar; a smock of stars on blue to match her hat. Her apron is embroidered on tea dyed Osnaberg and is well stocked with divining rods, spices, berries, and a rusty star wand. She carries her illuminatory in one hand, while the other clutches her broom. She's got knobby knees and bumpkin boots, and stands on a rustic black heart with her favorite spell: "Eye of newt, toe of frog, tail of rat, hair of dog, skin of snake, and lizard tongue, with this spell make me young!"

She's a hoot of a hag! I hope she gives you a giggle too!


Baggaraggs: said...

Ok Bags,

here is the formal invitation to go swimming in the swimming Pool at the Baggaraggs. Please advise me 1 week in advance so I can stop by the liposuction Hut (WE SUCK is their Motto) and remove some of this whale Blubber. Ok dokey, That is all. Robin

Doreen said...

WEll hello Mordred..aren't you just lovely!


By Way of Salem said...

Oh Robin! Don't I know it! I'm with you sister! Lipo indeed! You'd think I'd float well too but I don't! LOL!

Chicken Lips said...

She is a vision of loveliness! Great the details!!!!

Joan Minervini said...

What a Hoot she is! Very unique, very classy!