Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My trash can was overturned last night, and if this isn't a guilty face, I don't know what is! The latest addition to By Way of Salem: ScaryCats, a line of whimsically kooky and slightly spooky felines!

This is only the fur-st (get it) of many more kitties to come as they were really fun to make. Each one will be slightly different, and of course different colors - that's the really fun part. And like our feline companions, each one has a different personality to boot.

Henri - Alley Marauder Extraordinaire

These crazy cats are stitched of muslin, stuffed, painted, embellished with wire whiskers, and an adorable collar with an ID tag. Having all four legs on one side of your body does make it difficult to stand properly, so there's a loop on the back to hang 'em up, or you can prop 'em as well. And of course they're signed on the back by me.

I'm looking forward to doing a lot more of these, so check back often for my newest kitty critter! Find them in my Etsy shop too!


Dede said...

Love his expression Who Me? Can't wait to see more of your critters.


Chicken Lips said...

He's purrrrrfect! Love those eyes!

Brenda LaBell said...

How cute!! Love the colors, the expression, very fun Jeannine!! Happy to hear you had a wonderful visit with your sister!!!


By Way of Salem said...

Thanks everyone! Was going to start more tonite - but just too pooped. Hopefully tomorrow...