Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Woodland Winter - Sneak Peek!

Ok, ok! Some impatient folks out there! LOL! Here's a few sample pics of "Woodland Winter". Now these are just partial pics ok? Couldn't get a good full shot cause of the lighting, but I will get right on that tomorrow.
Carrying her snowman bucket filled with Christmas lights!

You can't see them here in this pic - but she's got a few of her forest friends with her to share her wonderful holiday; a slumbering earthworm, a whimsical snail, and of course a little boo pumpkin, with a sprinkling of flowers and leaves. A real Woodland Winter!


Dede said...

She is so fun! You are so talented! Always so much detail, just beautiful! Kudos to you!


By Way of Salem said...

Thanks Dede! You're my biggest fan I swear! Always keeping a watchful eye out there on my blog. I love you!!! Hugs, J

Brenda LaBell said...

Awwww how cute!! Just love her. Can't wait to see a full picture.


By Way of Salem said...

Thanks Brenda! I know - I'm so bad! Was going to take a full pic today, then got into a cleaning frenzy!! I promise - one is on the way!!! She appreciates your compliment though :)