Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Queen of Mean - Valentine Hag

It's a bit late to post my contribution to the Valentine swap, but my camera went dead and had to charge the batteries. Sorry for the delay.

Here she is: the Queen of Mean - Valentine Hag. Actually, she doesn't look all that mean to me. She's sort of got an Angelica Houston meets Lily Munster look. LOL!

I totally enjoyed making her. It was a challenge being my first complete papier mache sculpture. I know I can do better as far as the smoothness of the surface texture, but then again, it's sort of interesting to have that much tooth. It was very messy and sticky to work with, but it was easier to get the nice long fingers out of PM then it is clay, and once dry, the surface was easier to paint than clay as well.

I think I'll give it another go with papier mache and try some more pieces. Oh, and the swap was really fun and I will do more of those in the future too.


Lisa said...

She looks great to me, I like the texture of mache, she has so much character!


The Vintage Polka Dot said...

omg, I LOVE her!

Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right?! They're cackling like a bunch of ol' crows over fingers??! I think someone's ego is a tad over-inflated!! I wasn't familiar with her work but had to check it out to be fair. Gimme a friggin' break, you didn't copy one bit. She (and whoever else is blowing things WAY out of proportion) need to remove their fake acrylic nails from your back and go cook supper for their husbands like the good little Stepford wives they are. Geesh.

onemockingbirdhill said...

It took me awhile to comment, I have been soooo busy for the last month or so, but as the proud owner of the Queen of Mean (or as she is known in these here parts, Majesty...) I have to send a HUGE thank you to you for making her for me. She is just so wonderful and she has the coveted "front entryway" position as befits her royalty. I do a bit of a bow when I enter and exit, just to show her I acknowledge her presence, and she doesn't seem to realize how small she is in comparison to the other folks wandering in and out, so she still sort of "queens" it over us all. And we let her. She is a year-round resident too, atop my most favorite piece of furniture, my antique card catalog. Thank you so much for her lovliness! She is very revered, I assure you! Looking forward to swapping with you again in the future! Hope all is well with you!

By Way of Salem said...

Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for putting the Queen out all the time and in the front entry! I'm sure she's just thrilled!
Yes, I hope we can swap also. That was really fun and I totally cherish your doll! Really - it's something that I will keep forever. She too is in my entry - sitting on my favorite yellow cottage style bench. Right next to her sits a painting of a field of sunflowers in Provence, and some little green and yellow ceramic flower pots. I think she's happy there! I love looking at her :) Thank you so much too!

Anonymous said...

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