Monday, March 1, 2010


Oh I've been so remiss! I haven't worked on my website in ages and it so needs to be updated. I apologize to everyone whose gone on and seen the same old stuff. There's also been some big staff changes so I'll probably have to update those as well. Another episode of "As the Bag Turns"....

So I'm not sure whether to keep it a selling website with a shopping cart like it is, or to just direct to Etsy. We'll have to just see. It's really a fun site! I have "Bag's Corner's" for your reading entertainment, and more stuff about me on the "About Us" page.

Make sure to drop on in and take a peek in the coming week(s) and see what other stuff I've added.

Take care y'all! Jeannine


Emme Toaye said...

I say do both! Etsy is great for selling your items but there is nothing like a blog to really release your creative talents and just brag a little and let your thoughts roam.

By Way of Salem said...

Hi Emme - thanks for the suggestion. I know-I will keep both but it's a lot of work updating new product on the website. You don't just "type it in" unfortunately. I have to do HTML and that requires my brain to be turned on. LOL!

Brenda LaBell said...

Can't wait to see what you add, how fun!!! I've thought about a website but I just jumped into the current century by starting a blog, lol. Thank you for your kind words on my blog and for being you!!!


The Frog Queen said...

Looking forward to seeing the new stuff! :) Goodies!! I like goodies! :D


Dede said...

Looking forward to seeing the new stuff, but I really do enjoy looking and drooling over the old stuff too! You are so talented!