Sunday, March 21, 2010

Of Halloween and Snowmen

A Spooky Halloween night!

I've been less than crafty lately. Been waiting for Spring and of doing "Spring things"; planning my gardens, envisioning how they'll look this Spring and Summer when all the perennials come back, where I'll put the Coneflowers and Black Eyed Susan's, how many Zinnia plants to put in my rusted wheelbarrow, or should I put Lavender? Maybe some herbs too?

The wheelbarrow in my garden

And then of course there will be horse things to do. Lots of riding this time of year once the ground dries up a little. Here in Washington, Spring and Summer is the time we fellow equestrians wait for all rainy year to ride.

Which brings me in a rather round about way to Halloween and Snowmen. Two of my favorite things. I'm thinking ahead to future projects and where I'll focus most of my attention. What sold for me the best on Etsy and what buyers have been asking me for is what I'll make the most of. I'm going back to my roots so to speak. I love painting. And I especially love painting snowmen by Plum Purdy Designs. Oh sure, I have my own too, but Renee Mullin's provides some wonderful patterns and I think I'll go back to them for awhile. I've been painting them for years and I never tire of them. And snowmen ornament with twig arms. They make me happy.

A snowman paperweight and wooden sled I painted for a craft show last year

There are fleece angels to be sewn as well. With glittery wings and halos of gold stars. And many pumpkins to be painted, sculpted, and stitched. And witches to be sculpted with pointy noses and pointier chins!

Maybe if I start planning and making a list, I will actually begin to be more crafty. Better get started now!


Saschi and Squee said...

once again a wonderful read! you seem like the kind of person that everything you touch turns to beauty! i absolutely love your postings! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey there. I have been going through crap. Glad its spring and we can get out a bit more. I need some sunlight and a bit more exercise, maybe less cheese danish and blueberry scones!. I love your work. Looks great. peace out, Robin

Brenda LaBell said...

The garden is going to be beautiful!! I love to see wheelbarrows loaded with flowers, they remind me of my grandmother's house. Halloween and Snowmen are a perfect match, lol. I'm working on Halloween and Christmas, my two favorites!! Happy creating in the garden and in the craft room!!

Happy Monday!!

By Way of Salem said...

Thanks you guys! You're all so nice. And Connie - LOL! Man if everything I touched turned to beauty - I'd have my fingers on my waist! LOL! I'm with you Robin - less danish and scones and some exercise. We are a trio!!!

Thanks Brenda. I make an effort at gardening and I love it, but I bet my garden doesn't compare to your grandma's.

Thanks again girls! You're the best!