Saturday, April 10, 2010

Come to the Halloween Carnival!

Welcome to the Halloween Carnival!
UPDATE: This piece has been sold. Didn't make it to Etsy before someone snatched it up! Thank you!
Here is my long awaited canvas I've been working on for several months now. I had no idea when starting it, that it would take so long to complete but I'm glad I endured the process. I found I could only paint one section at a time while I had the "picture" in my head. As I got visions in my minds-eye, then I'd move on to the next section. There are 6 sections; each one depicting something Halloween-ish.

It's also a bit of a different type of painting that I've ever done too, as I incorporated elements of altered art (which I really enjoyed!), and different textures of papers, glitter, and painting techniques.

I've titled this piece "Halloween Carnival", as it reminds me of when I was a kid, the local park would put on a Halloween Carnival. Everywhere you'd look, there was something different and festive happening; costume parades, games, a haunted spook house, and either a play or puppet show. The air would be scented with the sweet smells of candy apples and cotton candy. Candy wrappers would be strewn on the ground serving as paths to the next booth.

I remember being so excited at all the Halloween festivities going on around me, overwhelmed at where to go first, meeting up with other neighborhood kids, trick or treat bags spilling as we'd make our way through the crowds ridding ourselves of our adult chaperones hurrying to catch up with us. Seems like just yesterday.....Hope you like it!


LLA Creations said...

Great painting and detail with the extras!

Jonty said...

Even though each square is clearly seperate from the one next it the whole thing seems to also flow into the neighbouring square so to speak. The mix of textures & styles works great. Awesome piece must have been more interesting than how you actualy managed to explain its coming together to do lol. Love it.

Saschi and Squee said...

Its AWESOME !!!! I LOVE IT! Jeannine you make me want to do Halloween stuff all the time! seriously! Real good art and as usual real good read!

Brenda LaBell said...

Oooo I love it!! Love all of the details and the mixed media is an excellant touch!!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Hey Jeannine stop by my blog for an award ;)

~Tonya said...

Hi Jeannine, Does not surprise me that it was sold, before being able to list it on Etsy. It is wonderful! So much detail.

Have a great day and have fun creating. As for me, I am washing curtains, screens and windows! No fun for me.


Southern Fried Art said...

Love the painting!

snippetgirl said...

Oh, i LOVE that painting!!! So much fun!