Monday, May 24, 2010

Gruela VonGrimKiss is Quite Perturbed!

Poor Gruela (pro-nounced "Groo-la"). Stiffed. Jilted. Dumped. And now she's perturbed! More than perturbed really. She's downright irate, furious, livid!

The same old story I'm afraid; all dressed up and nowhere to go. After being left at the alter, Gruela and Max, her fierce familiar, are putting their heads together for a sweet settling of scores. Surely there must be a spell to remedy this most dire of happenstances? Is Gruela destined to remain an old Bag for eternity? We sincerely hope not!

Her gown, sculpted of papier mache, features an over-dress of black (albeit a bit of grave mold), and a blouse and petticoat of cotton-candy pink with a sheer overlay of Queen Anne's lace. In her spindly fingers, she clutches her lover's heart to her chest..... Her hat is also of papier mache and is adorned with a trim of holographic silver lace. Her hair is gray and black pulled wool, and she wears a veil of tattered, tea dyed cloth.

Sculpted of paperclay, her face is beautified with the latest shades of Modern Witch make-up.

Never leaving her side, Max is sculpted of papier mache and wears of bow of black polka dot cotton around his neck.

This piece stands a very tall 16" and is mounted on a wooden base, signed and numbered by me.

Another lovely addition to the VonGrimKiss clan! On Etsy tonite!


Carol said...

Love them all!

Jonty said...

I agree they are all amazing what a clan lol. Well done lol.

Suzie said...

Oh she is adorable, Jeannine! I LOVE her, and it is SO good to see you creating again!

I hope you don't mind, but I was SO excited to see your charming new Witch, I'm sharing your blog with everyone on my Midyear Halloween Blog Crawl on the 26th (my Cat in the Moon blog)

I'm also sorry that we haven't had much of a chance to chat lately. I know that you have been super busy, and things here have gotten more hectic, but hopefully one of these days I can sit down and catch up!

In the meantime, know that I am wishing you every success in your new adventure!

Many hugs & love!

Brenda LaBell said...

Jeanine, Gruela is wonderful!! Love her perturbed expression, poor thing to be jilted like that. Great family photo of the VonGrimKiss bunch also!


jenclair said...

I love your dolls! Hope Ms GrimKiss recovers from the jilting soon!