Sunday, June 13, 2010

Festival of the Witch - Bonnu, France

While doing some research on my own Halloween Hags, I came across a fascinating article about Halloween and witches in France. I found it so interesting because I just love going to France, I myself am French, I still have relatives over there, and I plan to go there many more times in the future and this village for sure will be on my "must visit" list! So...did you know that in many small villages there, witchcraft is very much alive? Mais oui!

The fete or festival, takes place in a small village called Bonnu. It's part of a larger village named Cuzion also known as Berry. Now, Bonnu itself is usually a very quiet place except for the 3rd Sunday in October when the Fete de la Sorcellerie takes place! And although it's in October, it has nothing to do with Halloween. It takes place because witchcraft is practiced in Berry. It is seen at the festival and in everyday life with the residents who live here.

The festival starts in the morning with a religious service offered to Saint Luc. The service is then followed by a procession of a wooden image of Saint Luc accompanied by a chorale. The festival goes on to last the whole day and the main theme of course is witchcraft and black magic. Fireworks are then held at the Chateau de Bonnu.

Besides witches, there are all sorts of devils and strange creatures parading along the streets. The "Gargouilles" are especially realistic and scary. And then of course you will find a gypsy or two in the streets reading tarot cards. In The House of the Witch you will find a beautiful exhibition about wolves, fairies, and other little magical creatures that live in the woods.

Sounds like a fantastical event to attend don't you think? Bien Sur!!!


Emme Toaye said...

Wonderfully interesting info and France is absolutely going on my bucket list as of today!

Saschi said...

and another stellar post jeannine! dang you just kill me! and you're french..... well it figures. your and old tart. we are salt and pepper!

magikalseasons said...

Who knew France offered such wicked fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

Lisa said...

You always offer a bit of history, with your posts, wonderful!

Suzie said...

Mais Oui! How wonderful to find out that Sourcery is alive and well in France, not to be feared, but celebrated! Their celebration sounds like a wickedly fun event!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I learned something new today!

Finegan Antiques said...

Wonderful site and really interesting blog about France and witchcraft. I have been to France three times and fell in love with the country and the people. I only wish I had known about this town. It would have been a real treat. Maybe next time.