Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Creating your Crafty Space

Life is good, my mind is clear, and my heart is happy, so I'm ready to get back into creating again! Making art is such a huge part of who I am, that my studio needs to reflect my personality and be a place where I just love to spend lots of time. So with that, I've been looking at ways I can freshen up my favorite spot!

Sweet a la shabby chic
While I look for inspiration in all sorts of places: magazines, books, my favorite blogs, craft stores, just anywhere where I can get the juices flowing, I also look to my creative space. Here are just a few of some of my favorite art spaces that I've been collecting. Maybe you too can use some of these great ideas to incorporate into your own creative haven!

When designing your creative space, I think the first thing to think about, at least for me, is will this space inspire my creativity? And speaking for myself, one of the most important elements is ambiance. Being surrounded by beautiful things; a chandelier perhaps, or maybe jars of gorgeous beads, even some twinkly lights trimming a window or ceiling. And color. Lots of brightly displayed color pencils and markers, glitters, paints, fabrics, ribbons. You get the idea! Don't forget wall color. Paint the space with your favorite colors! I've seen incredibly luxurious studios with delicious shades of peaches and creams, or fun spaces with turquoise, lavenders, and pinks. Whatever your heart desires!
So colorful!

Let's talk about organization for a minute. Another reason you are even creating this wonderful space is so you can find things. Am I right? Invest in cabinets, shelving, little boxes, jars, wire baskets, wicker baskets, cork boards, decorative hooks, even garden pots that can hold brushes or pencils. I love those new slim "ledges" - mini versions of shelves, that can display collections - another great source of inspiration! Garage sales and flea markets are a great place to find old hutches, desks, bookcases for your storage needs. And don't feel you have to have everything match either. That's the fun of creating a space just for you! You can do whatever you love.

I think this is a great use of space; re-purpose the closet in your craft room or studio into another working space. Say for sewing, or scrapbooking. Add shelving, maybe a cabinet, a flip down table onto the wall, and voila! another space-saving working area.

Great closet space
A few ideas that I've used: I bought a large cork board and painted the frame red with white polka dots (festive!). I'd been gathering ideas; newspaper clippings, photos of cottages I loved, gardens I wanted to recreate, pictures of gorgeous bracelets I wanted to try making, cute note tags I received with gifts, postcards, patterns I wanted to buy, etc. All this "stuff" I put into a manila folder. Now I just pin them up to my cork board and look there for added inspiration. So great!

Another idea? For my last craft show, I made some displays for my wood Christmas ornaments to hang from. One of them was a section of chicken wire framed with 2x4's and mounted on legs. I took off the leg portion and mounted the framed chicken wire section on one of the walls to display some of my finished items or things I am currently working on. I use little wooden clothespins to hold things onto the wire.

For me, my favorite craft rooms seem to be the ones that resemble kitchens. Not sure why that is? But I love all the cabinetry and countertops. I love everything to have it's spot, so I think it'd be a dream to have a space like that. I am also a BIG fan of recessed lighting. I think how it illuminates my kitchen work area so well, that it would be wonderful to have it in my craft studio also. (Note to self: Add to bucket list!). Take a peek at some of my favorites:

Gotta love the chandelier!

Other ideas to incorporate:

Wall words or favorite sayings: Create, Dream, I Make Things......
Collections (I have my snowman collection on the top of all my bookcases that hold my supplies)
Good music
Twinkly lights or fun novelty lighting (I use pumpkin lights during the Fall)
Chalk board


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