Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Witch's Garden and Herb Growing 101

Herbs have been used in witchcraft for many a'moon. Not only for medicinal uses, spells and magik in general,but for cooking in the Witch's kitchen as well.

 I envision a witch tending garden by moonlight, more than likely a full moon. Wandering between rows of hemlock and nightshade, plucking berries and pods from meandering vines, filling her basket to the brim, to be used in charm bags, oils, potions or other divine recipes.
Many of our most common herbs have healing and magical properties. Basil for instance neutralizes and repels negative energy. Sprinkle it in your doorway to ward off unwanted elements.

Peppermint also keeps away negativity but also encourages healing, warmth, love and serenity in your home.

Sesame seeds bring abundance and success. Sprinkle them anywhere you want prosperity. Consider them in a charm bag to carry with you to a job interview or to further your business ventures.
Lavender (one of my personal favorites) attracts positive energy and also repels the negative. The scent leaves you light hearted, calm and relaxed.
For an added boost to your home or surroundings, toss a pinch of your favorite herb into a candle flame and feel the magic!


Saschi said...

hey! did u also know that lavender is good on salad?! the little flower parts are. and a good dose of the oil in the mop water leaves hardwood floors clean and beautifully fragrant! also put a few drops on with your night cream for an added luxury. girl I know lavender! its one of the few oils that can be used straight up. with no carrier oil.

artisoo painting said...

If I can own a Garden, I will not play computer anymore. Just enjoy nature!