Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree (Topper), Oh Christmas Tree (Topper)

A Christmas tree without a "topper" is like not having frosting on your cake, a bow on a wrapped present, or no carved face on your Halloween pumpkin. Don't you agree?

Some people decorate with stars, some with angels, and some relate to whatever theme their tree might reflect. My favorite are of course snowmen!  The snowman tree topper that I make every year is an angel snowman with a rusty star and a vintage card tag. He's a customer favorite year after year.

Not only is he a tree topper, but you can also put a little gift card in his hem, or he can sit over a gourmet food jar such as cookie mix, jam, etc. Both of these ideas make for wonderful hostess gifts!

If you'd like to order one for yourself or a lucky friend, you can go to my Etsy store or email me directly. 

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Meow Opre said...

Hello. Have you already decided for your Christmas tree topper this year? Hehehe. I am also scouting for something new, unique and really attractive so my guests would be impressive. Keep sharing and bookmarked this helpful page. :D Merry Christmas in advance