Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Relocated Art Studio in Tennessee

Well I'm all set up now to start creating finally. Whew! Been a long time it seems since I've seriously worked at my art.  The little house we bought, is about 1/3 the size of my home we sold in Washington state, but I said I wanted to downsize, and so I did. A lot! Anyway, my craft room - it's smaller than my last one sort of. The other craft room had a whole wall which was just a sliding closet and to me that's just a waste of valuable wall space. This one has a big walk in closet, but with a regular door, and it's tucked into the corner of the room. Way better.

First thing I did with this new room is paint it my favorite Tuscan gold-yellow color. Just love it. So warm and welcoming. Then I pulled out the old carpet and bought some Allure vinyl plank flooring in Country Pine, which looks like old barn wood. Loved how it turned out! Next, I bought a bunch of bookcases (can't believe how hard those were to find here! No Ikea's anywhere to be found.) Once those were built and set up, I got to unpack all my craft boxes and start to organize.

I'm pretty pleased with it overall. The window in the room looks out onto my back pasture so I can see my wonderful horses grazing back there and can keep an eye on them. It's just so peaceful and inspiring to see them and nature all around.

So far I've done a couple of small paintings and am working on a sculpture as well. On top of that, I'm trying to find a full time job and work on home improvement as well, so there's a lot to keep me busy these days.

My best friend Ellen, (Bag II) of Macabre Webs, and I get together to craft about once a week or so. She does amazing Sculpy pieces and paints as well, so we get together and hoot it up and just have a blast! The other day we had a "Craftabagamania" as we call them. Two old bags getting together to craft and eat and shop! So fun!! She's been a huge help giving me a kick in the hiney to get creating.  I feel very creative in my new space and I see a lot of new By Way of Salem art ahead!

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The Quirk Shop said...

CRAFTABAGAMANIA shall commence here forth!
It now being the prime season to create as we inch ever closer to HALLOWEEN!
Yes your craft room looks absolutely *awesome* now. Let's get busy! You inspire me to get things done. And again, I am sooooooo happy you are finally here ... in the same state! ... as me!
Us Old Bags rock! (well, ok, perhaps in our rocking chairs, but we rock nonetheless!)