Monday, July 27, 2015

I Just HAVE to Share!

I was going to wait, but no, I'm not going to. I'm just really excited about something I've recently started and I just have to share with you!

Ok, so you know how I currently have my By Way of Salem store on Etsy? and this blog and Facebook page..well I'm embarking on a new creative adventure (yes, another one...). I've immersed myself into metal stamped jewelry (and other things) and I'm totally hooked! So...I'm opening up another Etsy store called SALEM'S CHARMS! I will of course have jewelry appropriate for Halloween, but I'm going to do lots of other specialties such as weddings, births, and my usual non-traditional items of course. Yes, ok, so there are a ton of other jewelry shops all over the place. That's fine..enough people in the world to share. Plus I'm going to add the By Way of Salem flair to each piece, so they'll be different and unique.

In addition to my metal jewelry, I'll also have beads, polymer (clay) beads and pieces, and who knows what else.

During this creative adventure, I recently discovered that I love wedding jewelry! I'm hoping to really jump into doing lots of special wedding pieces cause it's such a special day and I'd love to have a part in that. I can just envision some rustic necklaces for a barn wedding!

LOVE this one!

Of course I'll have my original By Way of Salem shop still open and I'll be painting and creating for it. I love Halloween too much to give that up! I just like to venture off the beaten path here and there. Keeps things interesting!

So stay tuned and I'll let you know when I'm all up and running. Thanks for staying my fans!

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