Monday, November 8, 2010

Let it Snow!

Happy Fall - almost Winter to everyone. Where has the year gone? It was just Summer! Oh but I love Winter though. Snowmen, skiing, Christmas, holiday lights, and of course the proverbial bad holiday movie that comes out every year. LOL!

I've been painting again and I wanted to show you all my latest snowmen creations. I got several custom orders for snowmen and other things from my Etsy store. A customer in Rhode Island ordered my snowman paperweight, then ordered 5 more! They're painted with acrylics on river rock, about the size of a grapefruit is what I try for, then sealed and then varnished. I love them and am sad when I have to send them on their merry way. Yes, I do get attached to inanimate objects! The snowmen were originally designed by Renee Mullins, but I do try to modify them a bit, however I must give her credit for the original darlings.

Here's a group photo of the 5 I just painted, and then my favorite holding a heart.

Isn't he just huggable??

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Caroline said...

Very cute!
Happy Thanksgiving :)